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Infuzu Pro gives you unlimited access to all 19 LLMs that we offer. Our free model grants access to everything, only with a cap.

Free Basic Plan

Access 19 major LLM chatbots and send up to 30 messages a day.

Infuzu Pro

Access 19 LLM chatbots for the price of one, with no limits at all.

Monthly Subscription


The Consolidated AI Platform

In addition to their own interfaces, each of our chatbots has its own cost. Infuzu Pro compresses them into one simple subscription.


per month/per user

Infuzu Pro

ChatGPT Plus


per month / per user
Claude Opus


per month / per user
Google Gemini


per month / per user

The Infuzu Story

Infuzu launched in stealth in 2023 to help LLM researchers and students simplify access to LLM models. Today we enable all interested parties – marketers, writers, engineers, students – an accessible platform to experiment and switch without breaking the bank.

Our platform is in continuous development, adding features constantly to optimize AI to meet its real-world use cases. Additionally, we remain dedicated to offering a higher guarantee of privacy than any other company in the AI space; Infuzu Pro is fully HIPAA compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us with any infrequent questions!

How do you maintain such a low price?

We have volumized our usage such that we can discount to customers.

Is access fully unlimited?

For free users, no. For paid users, yes. You can send as many messages as you can input.

Do you have a full list of bots I can access?

Yes, click here.>

Where does my data go?

We retain your email so that we can reach you when we need to. Some of our model providers may collect bulk anonymized data according to their own policies for usage analysis. Read our policy here.

Can I use Infuzu Pro to do my work for me?

You can certainly use it to help!

What if I run into an issue?

Send us an email at and we’ll get it fixed as soon as possible.